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2023/24 Club Championship

2023/24 Club Championship Ladder

Sydney Shires Premiership Winners

Sydney Shires Club Championship (The Dave Tribolet Trophy) Winners

Sydney Shires Second Grade Premiership (The SJ Mayne Trophy) Winners

Sydney Shires Fourth Grade Premiership (Harry Culbert Cup) Winners

Frank Gray Shield U24's Premiership Winners

Sydney Shires First Grade Premiership (The RB Clark Cup) Winners

Sydney Shires Third Grade Premiership (JB Hollander Cup) Winners

Sydney Shires Fifth Grade Premiership (Tim Creer Cup) Winners

Sydney Shires Records & Awards

Sydney Shires Records and Awards Since 1923/24

Legends of Shires

The Legends of Shires concept was created to recognise the players and administrators within the Sydney Shires community that have provided outstanding service both on and off the field. It also recognises the esteem these people have within their own individual clubs and the reputation for excellence and sportsmanship within the competition, in general.

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