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Extreme Heat Update - Saturday 9th of December

As a result of extremely high temperatures forecast for Saturday 9th December, the SCA has determined to bring forward the starting time for all matches in NSW Premier Cricket and Sydney Shires.


This decision is based on maximizing play during the cooler hours of the day and to prioritise the well-being and comfort of all participants.


All players, team officials & volunteers are advised to check the PlayHQ website to confirm starting times.


Pitch Covers: The SCA has relaxed pitch covering requirements for Saturday 9th of December. Large square covers are not required overnight on Friday; however, a single strip cover and hessian underlay is mandatory.


Players and officials are reminded that hydration plays a key role in being able to manage yourself through a day in challenging conditions. It is recommended that players and officials ensure that adequate fluids are taken before, during and after a day’s play.

Players and Officials are also recommended to review the the SCA’s Extreme Heat Policy which is located under "Resources" on the Sydney Shires website.



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